• A team of professional and experienced architects and interior designers who learned to work in close collaboration. Though each member of our team possesses different skills, we all join forces and combine our qualifications in order to produce art masterpieces.

    Maroon Breidy, the founder of Spirit Design Group in 1992, believes that “Every man's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself” (Samuel Butler). That is why he continuously aspires to perfection in all his designs, projects and achievements and strives to give an artistic shape to beauty, elegance and

    refinement. The pure lines of Spirit Design Group architectural sketches are the reflection of a soul that aims at absolute genuineness.

    Since its foundation, Spirit Design Group developed and executed various architectural projects in Lebanon and abroad, especially the Arab Gulf. It is becoming very well known locally and internationally and highly solicited by individuals as well as societies, in order to embody the experience it acquired over the years in several projects, varying from simple houses and private villas to leisure clubs, hotels, restaurants and banks.

  • Collaboration: It is mainly when brains interact and when imagination escapes from all constraints that creativity opens out and comes into the world. With each new project, Spirit Design Group architects and interior designers gather for an initial brainstorming. Never satisfied with worn traditional ideas, they often stray from the beaten tracks, seeking new visions and exploring new horizons. The final achievement never holds the signature of a single person, but that of a well coordinated team.

    Professionalism: Inspiration is an abstract entity that only takes shape and turns into a creative accomplishment when one works on it. Talent is a must, of course, but

    it is not enough. Work means permanent efforts, and Spirit Design Group refuses to rest on its laurels. That is why we constantly keep up to date, follow international architectural trends and are very demanding with ourselves, always trying to go beyond our capabilities.

    Follow-up: Our first concern is to achieve a perfect work. We take care of every detail and follow each step towards the full implementation of the project. From the first sketches to the last touches, we feel that we are not only responsible for bringing the abstract concept into life, but also for giving it the best possible shape. Only a refined work satisfies us.

  • Making you feel at home… Each time you entrust us with a new project, we insist on having long discussions with you in order to understand your wishes, requirements and tastes. We therefore do our best to adjust your needs to modern touches and contemporary trends. We want you to feel comfortable in that new environment we are creating especially for you to materialize your personal dreams. Your well-being is our main concern.

    Taking away the daily routine… Pablo Picasso said once, “Art washes away from

    the soul the dust of everyday life”. At Spirit Design Group, we believe in that ultimate aim of art. We always seek grace and beauty in our designs, for we know very well that grace enlightens life and that beauty speaks to imagination.

    Inflating life in inanimate materials… Our team always tries to extract life from petrified materials, to make them express their inward significance. At Spirit Design Group, we “dare” to be creative; we have the courage to foresee the future. We make good use of the irrational; we blend primitive instincts with wise creative thoughts and let the source of novelty burst forth.

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